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It's not me, it's my thyroid

There are many people who suffer from thyroid disorders, the most common being an under active thyroid which then causes weight gain, unstable moods and even insomnia.

The thyroid is a gland that makes then secretes three hormones into the bloodstream which in turn increases your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is simply how quickly the cells in your body uses the energy stored in them.

When you have an under active thyroid your metabolic rate slows significantly resulting in the cells holding onto the energy within them, which eventually means the energy is stored as fat.

Whilst medication is usually required, your diet can also assist. There are food groups you should avoid where possible, including:

• Gluten • Dairy • Soy products • Cruciferous vegetables.

By avoiding these above food groups you are not putting any extra pressure on a gland that is struggling to perform.

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