What's the big deal about Breakfast

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of breakfast and its role for your body. Eating breakfast not only kick starts you metabolism, it’s the first fuel the body has received since the previous evening. Throughout the night, your body works really hard on building your immunity system and recovering your muscular and nervous systems from the previous day’s stresses. Upon waking, you will generally be quite dehydrated and your glucose levels are low.

By eating breakfast straight away, you are providing fuel to your body for the day ahead. By not eating breakfast, you are more likely to consume more food during the day, and not the right types of food. If this is a continuous pattern of behaviour, you are like to put weight on.

Morning exercise – breakfast before or after?

Many people who like early morning exercise struggle to eat beforehand the do exercise. They don’t like feeling of heaviness when they exercise, or just generally really struggle to consume that early in the morning. The problem with not eating before you exercise, is you haven’t given your body any fuel to perform the exercise. What this can do, is put your body in starvation mode, wherein it is thinking it needs to hold onto fat stores to provide adequate fuel to perform the exercise session, completely the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve out of exercising.

Try a 2-part breakfast

If you really struggle to eat before exercising or are just generally a non morning eater, how about trying something really light, like a smoothie or shake, or a piece of fruit, or some crackers with peanut butter first thing. Then, once you exercise session is finished, or you have got to work and have time to eat, trying some muesli, cereal, oats, toast or even some fresh fruit and yoghurt.

The results you will achieve will be higher by kick starting your day. You wouldn’t try and drive your car without petrol, so don’t let your body try and function without fuel.

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