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How water workouts can benefit you

Summers coming its time to enjoy the outdoors, especially if you have your own pool or access to a community pool.

Water exercise opens up new opportunity for people of all ages and varying levels of fitness, the forgiving water environment is effective and enjoyable.

Benefits of water on your body:

1. Water supports 90% of the body's weight, reducing impact and increasing flexibility.

2. Due to the support of water, exercising in water is low impact and can greatly reduce injury and strain to muscles common to a lot of land based exercises.

3. Water provides resistance up to 40 times greater than air, making water a natural weight training machine.

4. Unique properties of water enable your heart to work more efficiently.

5. Water, having greater resistance than air, means walking in water requires more effort and ultimately burns more calories than walking on land.

6. Water exercises are a great way to commence exercising, if you are rehabilitating from an injury or illness.

7. Water provides an anti-stress environment for movement.

8. Water exercises uses the water's resistance to build muscle strength and flexibility.

In a nutshell...

Water decreases impact and increases muscle strength and flexibility, improving circulation and heart rate, as well as a higher calorie burn than like exercises on land.

Have a look at this low impact, high intensity water work out that's suitable for everyone.

Enjoy the summer and keep cool!

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